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Yangtze International, Inc.

Mr. Louie Lu, Founder & President

Louie and his associates in Hangzhou, China

     Louie Lu was born near the great Yangtze River in the city of Wuhan, China.  He was raised by loving parents in a modest but close-knit family where education was strongly emphasized and respect for authority and honoring of others were encouraged.   In 1985, at the age of 27, he answered the calling of his heart to go to America. With only $40 in his pocket he came to this land of freedom and opportunity with what some would call a  P.H.D. – “Poor, Hungry & Driven.”   However, God's gracious hand was upon him as he gratefully accepted the offer of a scholarship into a graduate program at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology which turned out to be a perfect school for Louie.  He enjoyed Rapid City and the beautiful Black Hills immensely.  Louie learned the English language and the American culture quickly from his professors and classmates.  His advisor, Dr. Jack Weyland, stated in his recommendation letter for Louie in 1987, “I am greatly impressed with him.  He is intelligent, hard working, and easy to get along with.  One of the ways in which he especially excels is in his personality.  He is very gregarious with an excellent sense of humor.”  Louie earned an impressive 3.9 GPA upon completion of his Masters degree in physics in 1987. 

     The turning point of Louie’s life came in 1991 in a small apartment in Fort Worth, Texas where his new pastor, Miles Seaborn Jr., shared the good news of Jesus Christ with him.  For the first time Louie came to realize that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for his sins so that he would not be separated from Him.  Louie received God’s gift of salvation (Ephesians 2:8) by opening his heart and inviting Jesus Christ to be his Lord and personal Savior.  Louie was really excited to be a born-again Christian because Jesus gave Louie brand-new meaning, purpose and direction in his life.

     In 1992, in a one-bedroom apartment, Louie founded Yangtze International Incorporated, a now flourishing company specializing in importing custom-made products from China. He established this importing company with a passion and determination to provide his clients with nothing but the best quality product at a competitive price.  Louie treats each client with respect, integrity and honesty.  Most importantly, Louie runs his business according to biblical principles which God continues to bless and prosper.  However, this prosperity reaches beyond the business success.  In 1998 Louie realized his lifetime dream of becoming an U.S. citizen.  In the same year he married Meifeng, a beautiful Christian lady from Taiwan.  Louie loves his wife and their marriage has been wonderfully blessed.  They now have two precious girls and reside on the west side of Fort Worth, Texas.  Louie and his family are thankful for the freedom and opportunity to live in this blessed land called America.

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